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The hunt goes on and on and on...

The job hunt still hasn't lead me anywhere.

Mom, dad and I asked around, but all of the people we knew had already hired someone. Unfortunately.

So we'll have to wait for the agency to get their butts in gear. I ended up calling the fiancial aid people and asking them nicely to please hurry things along a bit. The end result? I'll hear from the agency tomorrow. I personally can't wait. Hopefully they'll have found me something.

In other news, I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft. Having a blast most of the time. I rediscovered how fun a druid can be. And this time, I don't plan on letting Fandral Staghelm's general asshattitude get in my way. *smile*

It's been an extremely long vacation this year. Funnily enough, I'm both a little nervous and a little excited about the possibility of getting a job.

In other news, I've been seriously proud of myself lately. The weight's slowly disappearing, and I had to find a belt to hold my pants up, or they'd fall off. Not that ahofschu really would complain about my pants not staying on, but you know a potential boss would. *laughs*

So life's pretty all right lately. I've meant to post, but haven't gotten to it lately. However, kythsharrie and I were discussing LJ colors, and fixing up our LJs a bit, and that inspired me. Now I only need icons. Come on, Burning Crusade!

So how's everyone?

Silly names in World of Warcraft

Last night in Duskwood, I was turning in quests when I spotted a Night Elf Hunter named Television run past, with his pet bear Remote. Made me laugh pretty hard. Sure, it's not really setting-appropriate, but it's actually a funny non-appropriate. A nice change from names like Huntelf, Ihealu, Ipwnu, or the three million variations of Raistlin, Elminster, Drizzt, Kas, Strahd, Azalin and whatnot.

Soo, I know there are World of Warcraft players on my friends list. What's the silliest name you guys have run across? Or if you haven't seen any funny names, funniest situation/sight?

*edited to add* Light, I'm such an addict. When I see ads for D&D Stormreach, I keep reading it as Stormrage, and wondering what Illidan has to do with D&D.

Oh, that reminds me: Am I the only one who really wants to grab Malfurion Stormrage, drag him from the Emerald Dream to Darnassus, and lock him in Tyrande's bedroom (with Tyrande, of course), for a week?

Still alive, still melting from the heat.

Meh, don't you hate it when you had an idea for a clever post all figured out, and then you go and forget it?

Honestly, I should start writing down my posts again when I think of them, so I don't lose good ideas like that.

I was helping the folks oil the terrace furniture today, when I started thinking. Both a strange place and position to start thinking it. Lying down, twisting around to try to reach everywhere with the oil brush usually demands concentration. But my mind started to wander.

Some people would probably say that 27 is way too old to love fart jokes and other bodily function humor like I do. But I was thinking back to my teens. Back then, I wouldn't have enjoyed such things much. I was honestly too serious. Reading big, thick books on serious topics, and all that.

But that's changed. It's SOO backwards, but there you have it. I seem to be rather naturally backwards, so why does that surprise me?

I'm thinking that my getting involved with the internet was part of what changed it all. Not that I didn't have a sense of humor, I didn't indulge in it half as often as I do now. And in at least one way, it's been incredibly beneficial. Life's little annoyances are a lot easier to deal with if you have a sense of humor.

It's like I've gotten tons sillier. Which pretty much is a good thing, as long as I don't overdo the silliness. And I don't think I do, despite loving horrible puns. *smile* That part's a family weakness to the max. Sorry, ahofschu, for all the groaners. *grin*

Of course, the Internet, in addition to good friends, brought me my beloved ahofschu, who's taught me a lot about patience and dealing with things as well.

And people try to say the internet is bad for you. Everything is bad for you if you overdo it. But naturally, blaming the thing itself is easier.

In other news, World of Warcraft's going well. I'm enjoying myself, having fun, and meeting good people. It's funny, though, I keep hearing about jerks and assholes, but I hardly meet any. I don't think I've put more people on my characters' ignore lists than I can count on my fingers. Maybe I'm just lucky, who knows? But it is another of those things that make me count my blessings.

(for those interested, I can be found on EU-Argent Dawn as Rhianu or Felynrae, and US-Shadowsong as Halafae.)

State of the Snowelf

Ah, summer. It's one of those really hot summers that make this Snowelf all worn out and tired. Still, felt like posting.

The search for a job's still on. No luck yet, but then, I will get something eventually, I'm sure. And due to timing, I did start looking just before everyone's summer break. That makes it harder.

So apart from searching, and working out, I do as little as possible, since I'm all tired from the heat most of the time. It's incredibly humid too.

So not sure I can make some thought-provoking post. Will try to post what I can, though.

That said, I shouldn't be as surprised to see that Illidan/Malfurion pr0n exists as I was. *shudders* Those two are brothers. Twin brothers, to be exact. And twins getting it on's never been my thing. Even if I do have a pretty relaxed attitude towards naughty pictures and stories. I have my limits. And that's one of them.

Even my usual habit of laughing uproariously at bad pairings couldn't save that one. Oh, well. Maybe it's time to develop a thicker skin, who knows? Though a thick skin sounds rather hot in this weather.

Itching really badly to get the World of Warcraft expansion, naturally. No idea why I got so addicted to the Blood Elves, but I seem to be.

Even if the Blood Elf character I do play in RPs don't seem really hateful enough to be a proper blood elf. Oh, well. I just get these fits where I start questioning my characters, whether they are deep enough, alive enough, realistic enough, complex enough, and all that. I want them to be appropriate to the setting, and all that. So far, the people I play with don't seem to have complaints. I still have that niggling voice in the back of my head, though.

But then, that niggling voice probably is there for many people, in many areas. Goddess knows it pops up at the oddest times for me. I try to deal with it as well as I can, though, and have fun. Which I achieve most of the time.

*gets nudged into a post*

I know it's been way too long since I've posted. *chuckles*

It seems all I do lately when I do post is apologize for not posting. So today I'm going to do a bit of a State of the Snowelf.

I have a few things to get off my chest.

As most of you know, I studied to become a librarian. Key word here, studied. Because of one particular exam that I failed three times, I now have to find a job without finishing.

The odd part is that I'm almost relieved. It's been twenty years since I started schooling for the first time. I'm admittedly sick and tired of it all. Which makes it horribly hard to concentrate on it at times. So actually getting to do something useful is going to be good.

Has anyone else on my friends list felt like that? Goddess knows, I've had my moments of feeling totally useless because I don't work. Like a drain on society.

But I'm glad the family took it as well as they did. *smile*

In other news, I've gotten addicted to World of Warcraft AND Everquest 2. Blame the fiance. *smile* I avoided Everquest 1 because I didn't want to get addicted, and here I am, with two games I'm addicted to. On Everquest 2, I hang around the Befallen server. On World of Warcraft, the European Argent Dawn.

But I'm flexible. So if anyone on my friends list play either, and want to play together sometime, just let me know. *smile*

Everquest 2 is especially more fun if you have someone to play with. On weekends, I play that with the fiance, but the rest of the week, I'm mostly on my own.

I'm sure there was more I wanted to say, but I'm rather tired, so I'll leave that for another post, I have to get into the habit of posting again anyway. *smile*


Wish there was a way to make antivirus programs work on people, and not just computers. I just got better from a sinus infection, and then I caught my mom's cold. It's not fun to be sick so much. And at this time of year, too.

Oh, well, I hope I'll be feeling better by Christmas. I'll just keep on staying in, staying warm and drinking lots of tea.


Am still alive, though with a frightful sinus headache. Why are my sinuses this sensitive?

Anyhow...I would like to present my friends with a link that made me laugh.

Havelock Vetinari has a LJ?l

Gotta love the Discworld.

Oh, now I remember what else I wanted to put in here.

I was thinking on the concept of niceness and innocence. It struck me that the two aren't neccessarily identical. It's quite possible to be innocent, and yet cruel, for lack of understanding of consequences.

Why did that occur to me? Perhaps because I used to consider myself a bit of an innocent. Though I feel that's getting more and more lost.

I'm getting less patient with stupidity in general, as well. Though that's perhaps a good thing. There's such a thing as being too nice. I always thought the niceness was practically hardwired into my brain.

But being snarky, sarcastic and evil can be so much fun. I guess all I need is practice. Maybe my Blood Elf addiction is rubbing off on me? It wouldn't be the first time something like that had happened. Sometimes it seems the stories I read influence me to a huge degree. *chuckles*

Other than that...I saw Goblet of Fire. Lovely movie, but it did make me desire to put all people that annoy me into Azkaban. *chuckles* It also occurred to me that some people are very similar to dementors. I'm certain that at least one individual on my friends list has worked for a boss that can be compared to a dementor, or otherwise known a person that is similar to one.

Other items of note: Argh, Blizzard, please release some more info on the World of Warcraft expansion. I want blood elves, darn it! The plot bunnies are killing me. But why does Jarlaxle keep popping up in them? Illidan Stormrage was bad enough Argh. My head is a strange place sometimes. Hopefully not too strange for those who still read my ramblings.

Oh, and I love Wikipedia. Yummy links. I know it is not neccessarily all accurate, but when it is about things that I myself have a passing familiarity with, it's nice to have a resource to show others.

Still alive...

It's been ages since I've updated LJ. The longer I took without updating, the more embarrassing it seemed. But then, today, I figured that I'd make an update, embarrassment be damned.

School started again. I thought I was finished with my second year, but apparently not. Because I failed ONE exam, I'm required to retake the whole second year. Funnily enough, I thought it was a pretty good thing, as my grades on the exams I passed were a little too bad for my comfort.

Oh, well, I'm making the best of it, and comforting myself with the fact that the failure rate was a whopping 25% on that exam I failed. So it's not just me. Cataloguing and classification's just always been a weak spot of mine. *glares at the Dewey Decima Classification book

In other news, I am probably the only person in the galaxy who's taken this long to discover Angband. As if I needed more distractions, what with World of Warcraft and all. *chuckles* Plus I found out there's a World of Warcraft Roleplaying game. It seems to use the D20 system, which I am familiar with. So I started working on a character sheet for a Night Elf. Gotta love them Night Elves.

All in all, I can't complain about my life, even if hardly anything exciting happens. *chuckles* I have good friends, and a decent life, plus supportive parents. So it's not a bad thing to be me.

I also need to post the pictures I scanned of me and my beloved ahofschu and his pets. I'm just lazy, truth be told. *grins*


Memeage about interestsCollapse )

It just amused me mightily that the majority of those were Knights of the Old Republic related. It's funny. Which reminds me, I still haven't gotten a copy of KOTOR 1 for my computer. I want to finish that before I play 2. Oh, well, I may just as well play it on my fiance's xbox, then. *chuckles* I still want to see what would happen if Xelloss from Slayers visited the Star Wars universe. I get the weird feeling that he'd regard the Sith as wannabe Mazoku.